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    Contaminated sites

    The principle behind all our operations is to provide a complete rehabilitation service, from the diagnostic phase to the testing of the reclamation, dealing with all the operational tasks and fulfilling the obligations established by the entities responsible.
    The strength of this work lies in our ability to assume responsibility for the clients problems, to reach a final result where the relationship, between the quality of the reclamation intervention and the necessary expenditure for its implementation, is agreed with and sustainable for the client.
    We have acquired a great deal of experience with problems related to the management of contaminated sites.

    Our company carried out, for private and public entities, environmental consulting services related to the technical and administrative procedures necessary for the definition of the degree of contamination and any subsequent interventions required by law.
    We have accumulated extensive knowledge in the field of hydrocarbon, solvent and heavy metal, pollution from various petrochemical products and organic substances in general. Our engineers and geologists make up a qualified task force to solve every type of intervention in the territory with professionalism and accountability. We manage emergency safety measures, reclamation of contaminated sites, decommissioning and remediation with specialized means and equipment.
    We are the ideal partner for soil and subsoil, surface and groundwater remediation. We offer services for the remediation and the complete rehabilitation of contaminated and decommissioned sites. A global service to solve the environmental damage and protect the territory, which is fully compatible with the respective production activities.
    We are able to provide technical consulting services and assistance in all phases of the management of a degraded or polluted site, that is:
    _emergency safety measures upon occurrence of an event that can potentially cause contamination of a site.
    _definition and execution of preliminary investigations to verify the environmental state of a site.
    _elaboration and implementation of characterization plans to identify the levels of contamination of soil and groundwater and define a conceptual model of the site, with the identification of likely sources of contamination (primary and secondary), of the possible migration paths of the polluting substances and the potential targets or receptors of contamination.
    _site specific risk analysis to determine the possible effects on the environment and on human health, resulting from prolonged exposure to substances present in contaminated environmental matrices, in order to define the requirements and characteristics of successful interventions.
    _remediation intervention design and operational or permanent safety measures
    _monitoring plans for the control of characteristics of air, soil and water matrices and for the assessment of the efficiency and effectiveness of the environmental remediation and reclamation activities.


  • Projects

    • Baosteel Europe

      Design and drafting of studies in the fields inherent to the geological and geotechnical aspects, dispersion models.

    • Colline Metallifere

      Design and drafting of studies in the fields inherent to the geological and geotechnical aspects.