ambiente s.c.

  • Laboratories

    Environmental analyses

    We carry out characterisation and rehabilitation of polluted areas, monitoring of pollutants during the construction and development of large infrastructure or industrial plant, and assessment of their impact on human health, landscape and ecosystems.
    Our staff implements all activities with the utmost professionalism, from on-site sampling campaigns to the draft of analytical reports, ensuring top-quality consulting activities and interpretation of the results.

    Our laboratories perform analyses on all environmental matrices:

    • Surface water, groundwater, drinking water and wastewater
    • Soil, subsoil and sediments
    • Waste
    • Compost, biological sludge and soil improvers
    • Emissions
    • Asbestos
    • Chemical substances

  • Daily activities we carry out:

    • ampling and analysis of solid waste, liquid waste and leachate
    • Waste classification
    • Toxicity, cytotoxicity and algal toxicity tests
    • Monitoring and investigations on marine waters and water column
    • Sampling and analysis of soil, subsoil and sediment
    • Sampling and analysis of water, groundwater, wastewater, inland water, transitional water
    • Continuous monitoring systems of atmospheric emissions (SME–IAR–QAL 2) with mobile equipment
    • Air quality monitoring
    • Sampling and analysis of atmospheric emissions
    • MOCF FT-IR sampling and analysis
    • Noise, vibration, light, micro-climate sampling and analysis
    • High- and low-frequency ionising radiation and electromagnetic field readings
    • Consulting and analysis for the application of the REACH regulation