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  • Environmental engineering

    Infrastructure & Environmental planning

    During the construction of large infrastructures several aspects, related to the construction site (i.e. size of the worksite, timing, traffic), generate environmental pressures that have to be constantly monitored from the Contracting Authority, the construction firm and designers.

    The current regulation requires to predict, since from the design phase, all the factors that could interfere with the environment and the local population so to define the impact that the works may have on the surrounding landscape and identify the necessary mitigation measures.

    We assist companies in the building sector, interface with the control body and follow the entire construction process, from the design to the realization.

  • Services offered

    • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
    • Environmental pre-feasibility studies
    • Air dispersion modelling
    • Landscape studies
    • Coordination and supervision of work
    • Environmental monitoring plan
    • Noise impact assessment
    • Monitoring & mitigation measure
    • GIS
    • Strategic environmental assessment (SEA)
    • Sites management plans Natura 2000