ambiente s.c.

  • Environmental engineering

    Industry and energy

    ambiente provides consultancy service to industrial sector and manages great and problematic procedures. Starting from the study of the industrial context, we produce technical and financial feasibility analysis, plant design, study of environmental impacts, safety plan, permitting procedure.
    We meet all design and authorisation requirements for the development and maintenance of production plant.

    30 years of experience make us the ideal company to manage all possible authorisation procedures and coordinate national and international multidisciplinary team.

    We are involved in projects to establish, develop and decommission industrial and production plants of manufacturing, chemical, mining and oil&gas sector.

    We provide alternative and sustainable solutions to tackling the issues relative the power generation and distribution energy, supporting wind, solar, hydropower and waste to energy projects to meet demands and give strong returns to our clients.

  • Services offered

    • Study, design and assistance of protection and prevention measures
    • Scoping studies
    • Emission studies
    • Incidence, Pre-feasibility and Landscape studies
    • Risk assessment
    • Capacity building & Training
    • IPPC
    • Environmental impact study
    • Design of mitigation measures
    • Quality, Environment and Safety Management systems