ambiente s.c.

  • About us

    ambiente is an environmental engineering company with chemical and biological analyses laboratories.
    We start to work 30 years ago in Italy when the care and protection of the environment were not a requirement. For several years ambiente operates successfully abroad helping EU member states and third countries to meet EU’s requirements.
    We were one of the pioneers in this field and we have specialised in managing innovation processes.
    Our mission is to focus the environmental issues and create new job opportunities and competitive advantage for our clients.

    We can rely on the work and passion of over 200 technicians, experts in technical, scientific, legal and economic issues, able to guarantee an integrated environmental planning in line with the current regulations and attentive to the cost-benefit ratio.
    Human resources have always been our top value, a priority to protect and enhance..
    The breadth of our skills and knowledge are the company primary asset and allows us to guarantee an high quality standard to our clients.